When I was growing up, I wanted to become the next Lois Lane. Now I galvanize action by inspiring narratives and sharing stories.

I am a practicing marketing manager and digital media strategist with a background in journalism, PR and advertising. In short, I build strong brand identities and stronger platforms for user engagement and conversion. My experience in the traditional-media environment enables me to conduct thorough research, identify the target audience and produce compelling and convincing content. Exploring the digital frontier is my passion and my calling.

I grew up in Seattle, studied global communications in Paris and hopped around a sprinkling of other cities around the world. I’ve worked with startups, mid-sized businesses, NGOs and multinational corporations as a media consultant and brand strategist. Now I live in Boston, MA, design beautiful marketing campaigns with brilliant scientists and volunteer my creative time to startups trying to make a difference with fresh tech.

I also collaborate with design and development partners around the globe to develop and launch creative initiatives aimed at improving how we interact with the world and with each other. (This usually equates to raising the profile of public goods, educational resources, and health-improving technologies… not consumer products.)

When I’m not thinking about media and marketing, I enjoy riding my bike, sailing, listening to Portishead and playing with puppies.