Away from office

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The Pacific Northwest is most beautiful in the summer. The sun is out. People come out of hiding. Nature is in bloom.

Everyone is less passive aggressive between June and early September. It’s great.

My happiness levels have gotten a much-needed boost over the last couple of weeks, during my stay in Seattle. I’ve gone to weddings, made new friends, caught up with old ones, visited old haunts, and gone on adventures. Seattle has become the most wonderful place to come back to and just unplug, even though Boston is home now.

The Seattle I returned to this time is different. The Seattle I know seems to be hidden behind facades of new buildings, new shops, and the presence of new people. Construction is everywhere. (Don’t even get me started on the traffic.) I’ve never felt this way about “my” city before—even after leaving for a year and living on another continent in another country—and I wonder if these external developments I’m observing are reflective of my mind’s own, internal growth.